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What We Do at Ephricon

Internet Marketing Campaigns

As a hands-on internet marketing agency, our inbound internet marketing campaigns are designed to help your business generate more leads and more sales through your website.  We´ll work to improve search engine rankings, increase traffic, grow your brand and following, and convert website visits into leads and sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is our first love here at Ephricon, and it’s still the backbone of all of our campaigns.  We handle all aspects of your SEO campaign, including keyword research, on-site optimization, content creation, link building and conversion tracking.

Content Marketing

Quality content is the backbone of any SEO campaign or internet marketing activity.  We can either assist with your internal content creation, or handle it all for you.  From landing pages to blog posts to whitepapers and infographics, at Ephricon we know that Content is King.

Online PR & Social Media

SEO and PPC are all about having prospects find you.  By contrast, our online PR and social media services help you proactively get your message in front of the right audiences.    It’s not about how many followers you have.  It’s about how your campaign is driving leads and sales.

Conversion Optimization

Traffic is great, but it’s a means to end.  The “end” that we’re seeking is conversions – sales and/or leads produced by your website.  Our website conversion rate optimization services will test various layouts and content to help refine your website and turn it into an efficient sales or lead generation machine.

Additional Services

As a full-service internet marketing agency, our team can handle virtually anything related to your website or your online marketing goals. In addition to the above outlined services, our firm also commonly provides the following services for our clients:

Why Choose Ephricon?

1.  Experience:
We started the company in 2003, a lifetime ago in internet years!  Our team is full of highly-experienced professionals who have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to online marketing.  Let our experience work for you.

2.  Hands-On Approach:
Please don’t call us consultants!  We’re doers.  We get things done.  When you hire us, you aren’t just getting recommendations, you’re getting a team that will actually implement those recommendations for you.  We take a hands-on, full service approach.

3.  Accountability
We take great pride in the results that we achieve for our clients, and great pleasure in watching their business grow.  Each and every month our job is to prove to you that hiring us was the best marketing investment you’ve made.  We hold ourselves accountable for producing bottom-line results, and encourage you to do the same.

Meet Some of the Team

Jon Payne, MBA
President & Founder

Jon Payne
More about Jon

David Zimmerman
Campaign Manager

David Zimmerman
More about David

Korey Kashmer
Campaign Manager

Korey Kashmer - SEO Account Manager
More about Korey

Joe Restivo
Campaign Manager

Joe Restivo
More about Joe

Scott Hepburn
Campaign Manager

More about Scott

Alan Rosinski
Campaign Manager

Alan Rosinski
More about Alan

Garrett Tichy
Web Developer

Garrett Tichy - Web Developer
More about Garrett

Ashley Boswell
Online PR Specialist

Ashley Boswell - Online PR Specialist
More about Ashley

Markelle Harden
Office Manager

More about Markelle

Nicole Barbato
Internet Marketing Associate

More about Nicole

Michelle Rojas
Internet Marketing Associate

More about Michelle

Cameron Murphy
Internet Marketing Associate

Cameron Murphy - Internet Marketing Assistant
More about Cameron

Zack Kirchin
Internet Marketing Associate

Zack Kirchin - Internet Marketing Assistant
More about Zack

Inbound Marketing Services

At Ephricon, we focus exclusively on inbound marketing services. We design and manage full-service internet marketing campaigns that focus on inbound lead generation and client acquisition.

Why chase after cold leads that don’t convert, when you can focus on fielding high-quality inbound leads instead?

Our campaigns include everything your company needs to get your website generating new leads for your business: SEO, PPC, Content Creation, Conversion Optimization, Online PR and more. Find out more below:

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  • Our Inbound Marketing Campaigns

A Top-Shelf Internet Marketing Agency

Ephricon Web Marketing is a results-oriented internet marketing firm with offices in Chicago, IL, Charlotte, NC and Baltimore, MD. We specialize in inbound internet marketing with a focus on search engine marketing – the activities involved in leveraging a top presence in the major search engines in order to drive more traffic, inbound leads and sales to our clients’ websites.

We’re not generalists. We’re specialists. Our team focuses tightly on SEO and PPC as our core services, thus greatly improving our clients inbound marketing efforts. As a tightly-focused SEO agency and PPC management company, our team knows search engine optimization and paid search marketing inside and out. We understand that effective SEO and PPC means more than just ranking for a few notable keyword searches… it means taking a comprehensive and integrated approach that will generate more leads and more clients for your business.

But it doesn’t stop there. Ephricon is a full-service internet marketing agency, and we’re passionately committed to helping our clients experience rapid growth in traffic, leads, conversions and sales as a result of their web presence. In addition to search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click management (PPC) our inbound marketing campaigns also include copywriting, content creation, social media, online PR, email marketing, re-targeting and conversion rate optimization services to ensure that we’re not just generating traffic, but bringing in new leads and sales to generate the highest possible ROI for your business.

There’s one more thing you should know about us though… We’re do-ers, not consultants. Our team enjoys getting their hands dirty and is fully-capable of implementing every component of the inbound marketing campaign for you.

“Multi-Local”:  Charlotte, NC | Baltimore, MD | Chicago, IL

Ephricon has office locations in the Chicago, IL, Baltimore, MD and Charlotte, NC metro areas, and the majority of our clients are located in one of these metro areas. We’re very proud of our strong local roots, and we love working with local businesses of all shapes and sizes. That all said, many of our clients are not located near one of our offices. We service clients nationwide, and are always just a phone call, email, screen-share or short flight away.  Whether you want to hire a local internet marketing company in Charlotte or just find the best SEO agency in the country, we believe our team fits the bill and can deliver the results your firm is seeking.

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