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Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Show me the money! If your company is spending a significant amount of money on SEO or PPC, you likely aren’t getting the type of ROI you could be getting unless you’re giving some time and attention to conversion rate optimization.  Simply increasing your SEM budget will generally help you get more traffic, but if increasing conversions is the goal then traffic is only half of the answer.  This is why Ephricon offers conversion rate optimization services as part of our ongoing SEO and SEM campaigns.

Let’s consider:

  • What good are top search engine rankings if nobody is searching on your keywords?
  • What good is traffic if no one is contacting you?

Many sites only convert 1-2% of their visitors to leads. That means for every 100 visitors, 98 or 99 of those prospective leads are wasted, even though you spent a great deal of time and money to get them to find your website. What a shame!

We believe that conversion rate optimization has three main sub-topics:  usability, persuasion and targeting.


Website Usability

Is your site easy to navigate?  Perhaps it is for you, but what about for visitors who have never seen it before?  Our team can help improve your site’s usability, which means prospects can find what they are looking for and aren’t tempted to click over to your competitor’s site instead.  This topic deals with navigation, structure, readability, and our favorite… clear calls to action.


Is your website a good salesman?  Persuasion is about making clear and convincing points, and speaking to your prospect’s primary needs.  Typically, when we look at this element, we focus on your website’s copy.  What’s the tone?  Are the key marketing messages clear?  What’s the selling proposition?  Are you asking for the sale?


Many conversion rate optimization firms address the above two points, but they fail to consider proper targeting.  At Ephricon, we’ll argue that one part of conversion is what happens on your site once the visitor get there, but the other part is who is getting to your site in the first place.  Traffic quality and traffic relevance are vitally important.  Let’s say your website is selling custom software development services – you can have an easy-to-use site and very persuasive copy, but if I want off-the-shelf software, I’m not very likely to convert.  As such, targeting more closely relates to the type of traffic you are sending to the website in the first place.

But alas, that’s not it either.  Many businesses have more than one target market.  You might be selling to C-level executives but also to Marketing Managers.  If that’s the case, it is often more effective to target each group differently.  Give them each their own landing page, and target the selling points according to each group’s interest.  Sound like a lot to take on?  Don’t worry, we can help.

Ephricon is based in Charlotte, NC, but we provide conversion optimization services to clients all over the U.S.

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